board games - Scrabble

Best family board games

Board games are fun for the whole family. We use it a lot for holidays in the winter months, when spending time with grandparents and when the kids have been playing too much video games.
There are some newcomers every year, but the classic board games seem to keep their popularity.

Top 10 board games

The game where players trade and develop their properties with houses and hotels to collect rent. The goal is to drive your opponents into bankruptcy, leaving one monopolist in control of the entire economy.

Learning and fun combined. Set up letters to produce words in competition with other familymembers. A bit tough for the younger kids, but with Scrabble Junior the five year old can also join in.

A murder mystery game where the objective is to determine who murdered the games victim.

There are countless card games out there, engaging for both young and old.

Place the rectangular tile, marked with a number of spots, in different layout games.

Played by millions of people all over the world, this is an exciting game to master.

Do you feel lucky? Score points by rolling five dices to make specific combinations. Even little brothers or sisters can win!

A strategy board game, with the objective to occupy every territory to eliminate the other players.

Trivial Pursuit
Move around the board and answer general knowledge and popular culture questions.

Remove and place blocks on top of the tower, until it all falls to the ground.