Wool clothing for kids

Why wool clothing is so good for children? my experience is that wool fits well for all active children being cold, wet, warm or sweaty. This fabric can also be used the whole year, especially if you like spending time outdoors with the youngsters.

Being from a cold place and having three kids, I have learned to apriciate the abilities of wool clothing. Here are some of the most important characteristics:

• Insulates against heat and cold, and provides a uniform temperature throughout the year
• Keep the kids warm, even when they are wet
• Ability to regulate temperature and make sure that the kids are not getting clammy during play and other activities
• Non-flammable and highly fireproof fabric
• Untreated it is self-cleaning and needs to be washed very rarely. Good airing can also be used for cleansing
• Few children are allergic to untreated wool, since it is free of harmful chemicals
• The fabric contains bacterial countervailing substances that present odors, even after many days of use.

There are several different types of wool. Sheep wool is the most common, least expensive and manufactured worldwide. Merino wool comes from sheep from New Zealand and consists of thinner fibers that makes it softer and more suited to sit tight on the skin. Merino wool is very well suited for children because of being thin, soft and less itchy.

Alpaca and cashmere are more exclusive types that has higher quality and lasts longer.

What type if wool that suits your needs are up to you to decide. My experience is that Merino wool costs a little more, but the kids find it more comfortable. Another quality with Merino is that you also can use it in the summer months, since the fabric is very thinn and light.

Best bedtime routines?

Kids will almost never accept that its bedtime. Thats their job! Your job, as a parent, is to provide clear bounderies and to follow up on them continiously.

This is very important when it comes to bedtime and the daily routines getting the kids to bed. But it can be tough getting the job done, especially if you have more than one child.

Here I have gathered 5 of my experiences when sending the kidz off to bed:

1. If several children, send one child to bed at the time, starting with the youngest one. This helps keeping focus on the important tasks
2. Read a book. Both to calm them down, but also to educate and learn
3. Use the quiet moment to have a talk. Often kids have much on their mind, and sometimes its easy getting them to talk when they are going to bed 😉
4. Give them a good hug
5. If they dont sleep as planned you need to get some leverage to make them understand. What works is highly individual, but taking away the reading time next day could be one example.

The mission is to find what works for you and stick with it. Both you and your kidz then know what to expect from each other when its bedtime.

If you feel something is left out of the list, please, let me know in the comments.